Solar LED technology saves on the electricity bill. Metrosphere’s new product line integrates solar panels into conventional LED lights, resulting in free electricity!

But how? How does solar LED technology work? How do solar LEDs harness the energy of the sun? Well, it’s a little thing called the photovoltaic effect. The photovoltaic, or solar cell, converts sunlight to direct electrical current. These solar cells are comprised of silicone. Silicone takes the negatively charged electrons from the sunlight and pushes them into positively-charged spaces. Those positively-charged spaces transfer the electron stream as a direct current through wires embedded in the solar cell, flowing into a battery where all that power is stored. The battery will keep charging throughout the day, storing electricity to be used when needed.

Metrosphere’s solar integrated product line puts the power of the sun into conventional LED products. This line combines energy-saving solar cells, LED lamps, batteries and controllers for easy maintenance and replacement. The fixture design is aesthetically pleasing while making installation and maintenance extremely easy.

The 8 products to choose from in our LED integrated solar line are made from aluminum, resulting in light-weight fixtures. Products are fully charged within 6 hours, and will shine bright for 8+ hours, slowly dimming afterwards. There are a wide range of sensors included in our units (radar, human body and light) to ensure that the electricity is utilized at the right time, for the right amount of time, thus conserving energy and saving money!

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